A rugged high quality Stereo-360 camera system

360Surround was created to bring you the highest quality Facebook Surround360 camera available.

360Surround has taken the case to next level by fully CNC machining both the top and bottom
case from high grade aluminium. We then hand selected the highest quality powder-coating.

The combination of machined aluminium and powder-coating provides a more durable case
along with better heat dissipation when compared with fabricated mild steel.

It also looks much cooler !

What is the Facebook Surround 360?

The Facebook Surround 360 is a rugged and high quality Stereo-360 camera that produces spherical stereo VR footage, and comes with stitching software that greatly reduces post-production resources

Industrial Point Grey Cameras

The high performance Grasshopper3 camera line combines the benefits of CCD with the affordability and data throughput of USB 3.0

• 2048 x 2048 at 90 FPS

Machine Vision Lenses

Using high quality machine vision lenses assures consistent high quality image capture.

For customers ordering full cameras 360Precision will hand calibrate each lens to a matched camera module.

Rugged CNC Aluminium Case

The powder coated, fully CNC machined top and bottom cases create a more exciting and professional looking camera.

Aluminium allows for better heat dissipation, is lightweight and just looks awesome.

Stitched Stereo Output

The free Facebook stitching/render software minimises post production whilst providing high quality seamless stereo output.

Camera Specifications

Let’s film great things together

Bonding via Virtual Reality is an awe inspiring, immersive experience, and 360Precision wants to help ensure a creative future for all. We have gone above and beyond to machine a Facebook 360Surround case to stand the test of time.


Camera and Lenses

90 fps

Frames per Second (max)


Total frames per minute

Hardware Details

The camera rig is comprised of 17 cameras and was designed with a focus on reliability. A rugged aluminum chassis ensures that images are stable and well aligned, and the industrial cameras can run for hours without overheating.

f2.4 Wide Angle Lenses

14 wide angle cameras on a horizontal ring

3 Fuji Fisheye Lenses

1 fish eye lens on top and 2 on bottom for complete spherical coverage

No Warped Buses

Global shutter ensures that each camera captures the pixels in sync

Durable Powder Coating

CNC Aluminium Covers

Precision Machined Chassis

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